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Spine & Upper Extremity Soft Goods



Cervical Collar

Comfortable, contoured, well fitting collar designed especially for children. Natural colored stockinette with self gripping fasteners.

Screen Shot 2022-05-08 at 10.36.14 PM.png

Clavicle Strap

For treatment of clavicle fractures. Four way strap made up of comfortable foam and stockinette. Very easy to apply with self-gripping fasteners. (Chest circumference measured at bottom of sternum.)

Clavicle table.png

Arm Sling

Attractive blue envelope sling with adjustable strap. This sling has self-gripping fasteners that make it very easy to apply. Sizes available to fit all children.

Armsling table.png

Wrist and Forearm Support

For use in sprains or non-displaced torus fractures. Also provides excellent support and protection as follow-up to cast treatment for forearm fractures. Allows gradual increase in function. Remove for bathing.

  • Loop/Lock closure

  • Specify right or left

  • Removable stays for easy washing

  • Sized by forearm length and circumference

Pediatric Sizes

pediatric sizes table forearm.png

Adolescent Sizes

adolescent sizes forearm support.png

Elbow Splint

The Rhino elbow splint is designed for elbow sprains and contusions. We have a variety of sizes that will fit from toddler to teen.

elbow splint table.png
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