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Lower Extremity Soft Goods


Knee Immobilizer


A mainstay of orthopedic practice. Now available in children’s as well as adolescent sizes.

  • 3 piece design for correct circumference fit (NOT in Infant Sizes)

  • Navy blue pile/foam for comfort

  • Loop/lock closure

  • Removable stays for easy washing

  • Available in 9 sizes


infant knee immoblizer table.png


pediatric knee immobilizer table.png


Adolescent knee immobilizer table.png

Neoprene Knee Support

Designed for comfort and kids. Made with an extra pad at the knee for compressive support and protection. Comes in open or closed patella models

(Circumference is measured 3″ above mid patella).

Closed Patella

closed patella knee support table.png

Open Patella

Open patella knee support table.png

Cast Boot

Cast boots are made of durable canvas and have a ripple pattern rocker sole for safe comfortable walking for children of all ages.

cast boot table.png
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